Best Sellers Macaron Box


An Olivia Macaron box of 12 pre-assorted macarons, in various best selling flavors. These delicious french macarons come beautifully wrapped in a deluxe black gift box. If refrigerated, all macarons will keep fresh up to 5 days after delivery.

Macarons ship out Monday-Wednesday via UPS. The macaron box will arrive in a cooler-bag with an ice pack to ensure the products' quality and freshness during transit. The ice pack helps the macarons stay cold during transit and may be thawed by the time you receive your package. PLEASE NOTE that thawed ice packs are okay and in no way indicate a lack of freshness.

The macarons are gluten free and contain nuts: all macarons are made using almond flour. Please see Olivia Macaron's full allergy guide here: