Custom Gifting

Elevate your brand with custom designs and service like no other.
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Nationwide Consistency

H.Bloom manages your specific brand guidelines with our floral partners across the country. We coordinate your custom design and vase preferences as well as any add on items such as custom stationary, ribbon, tissue paper, and more to ensure consistency across the country with all deliveries.


Superior Product & Design

We proudly partner with country’s best designers and source from the most respected farms for all of our raw material to ensure a beautiful presentation at delivery. We also have custom vase and vessel sourcing capabilities to allow for limitless customization of your displays. 

Team of Specialized Representatives

You will have a highly experienced design consultant and account manager to act as your floral concierge for any floral needs nationwide including last minute orders, custom installations, and customer service requests just an email, text or phone call away.

Simplified Billing

One monthly invoice for all stores under our service, or invoices coded and sorted by store location emailed in PDF form directly to your accounts payable department. No more auditing your invoices!