Have you ever watched someone’s eyes light up after you gifted them a bouquet of flowers? That's because flowers are not only a great gift but also known to boost your mood. There is so much more to fresh cut flowers than being beautiful in your home and a fun gift to pick out. They boost your mood, improve your mental and physical health, and help reduce  anxiety and stress. 

Flowers appeal to our two most basic senses, sight and smell. According to Elle Decor evoking these 2 senses simultaneously can trigger strong feelings of happiness and positivity. As a culture we also associate flowers with some of the happiest events of life. We carry a bouquet of flowers down the aisle for weddings, we gift colorful arrangements to welcome  new life into the world, and we commonly send flowers to our friends and loved ones to show our admiration for them. There is no wonder we start to feel a little better when we have flowers around.  

In addition to provoking good feelings, flowers have been found to reduce stress and symptoms of depression while also increasing productivity and concentration. These positive symptoms all relate back to people responding better to situations when they have had exposure to nature.  As humans  we crave connecting to nature and other living organisms, having living plants and flowers around helps satisfy this craving. Psychology today states that spending time in more natural settings can help us recover from mental fatigue, lower anxiety and blood pressure, and slow down our heart rate.  

Need help deciding where to put these uplifting designs? We suggest the areas of your home with the highest amount of traffic. The kitchen is always a great place to put some extra greens. If you are working from home, like many of us, try putting a plant or flower arrangement  in your home office where it is easily visible throughout your day.  Putting flowers near the entrance of your home provides a beautiful greeting for you and your guests. 

As for getting arrangements you love to fill your home and boost your mood, H.Bloom offers home subscriptions nationwide that offer the most beautiful designs and options. You can choose from a multitude of sizes, colors, and frequencies. Your personal H.Bloom account executive will help you decide on an arrangement that fits perfectly in your home.  

Sometimes it takes more than flowers to stay positive and with Mental Health Day approaching on October 10th, we want to take the time to acknowledge the importance of mental health especially in these unprecedented times. Putting your mental health first should always be a priority and there are so many resources to help. Please check out the following for more information and help with mental health: World Health Organization, National Institute of Mental Health, Mental Health First Aid.  

October 08, 2020 — Emily Arnold