When we pass Labor Day and the days start to cool down, we can’t help but fully immerse ourselves in everything fall. From sweaters to warm drinks, changing leaves and pumpkin patches… but especially seasonal fall flowers! This year we are loving the moody-colored florals for fall, like deep reds and purples, or burnt orange and bronze. But even though our floral color palette preferences change, our fall flower favorites stay the same. Take a look at the most gorgeous autumn flowers that we love to incorporate into floral arrangements…

1. Dahlias

Purple, pink, and red dahlias in bloom.

Talk about a show-stopper. Dahlias are available in almost the entire range of colors, and are also found in various sizes. They thrive in warm weather, and are in-season midsummer through autumn. A fun fact about dahlias - the more they are cut, the more they will bloom! Cut dahlias will last about a week, so there is plenty of time for them to be admired in an arrangement at one of your fall gatherings. Dahlias are considered a Spanish flower, and are one of the edible flowers that some people consume… so feel free to decorate your fall feast in abundance with these gorgeous blooms. 

Typically dahlias symbolize inner strength, commitment, creativity, and kindness. Does this mean that displaying dahlias will stimulate our creative juices?

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H.Bloom fall floral arrangements featuring dahlias.


2. Sunflowers

Beautiful blossomed sunflowers in different settings.

Are sunflowers the most iconic fall flower? It’s quite possible. Even though sunflowers are most commonly seen as big, bright yellow flowers, they actually can be found in colors like red, maroon, orange and brown, as well. They love the sun, and soak up the last rays of it before winter just like we do… their heads follow the sun so they can bathe in the warmth. They do this to absorb the most sunlight for photosynthesis, and naturally follow this circadian rhythm by reverting their heads east at night to start over again the next day. Sunflowers also are known to be the skyscrapers of the floral world reaching over 16 feet tall, shorter sunflower varietals can grow as little as 3 feet tall. It’s important to be gentle with sunflowers while cutting, but can last about a week in a vase with water after being cut. It’s also best to change the water every day to keep them as happy and as fresh as possible for as long as possible. Sunflowers have been used to cook, dye clothes and even heal wounds. 

Many times, sunflowers are seen as symbolizing courage. They can also represent longevity and loyalty. Perhaps that’s why Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings are so popular. 

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H.Bloom sunflower arrangements called Sunflower Cylinder, Premium Sunflower Bouquet, Farmhouse, and Golden Rod.


3. Chrysanthemums

Blooming chrysanthemums in purple, yellow, red, and pink.

Although very similar to dahlias at a glance, chrysanthemums are usually smaller and hardier than dahlias. Nicknamed ‘mums,’ chrysanthemums can appear in the fall color palette we are obsessed with this season: purple, red, bronze, and burnt orange. They also are available in yellow, lavender/pink, and white. While dahlias were discovered in Spain, chrysanthemums were originally cultivated in China. Chrysanthemums are considered a fall flower but can usually survive a moderately cold winter. To keep chrysanthemums fresh in a vase for 7 to 10 days, change the water every few days. 

Chrysanthemums have come to mean longevity, trust, joy, and optimism. In Asia they also represent life and rebirth - it seems like chrysanthemums are the perfect gift to a soon-to-be mother or anyone who needs a little pick-me-up.

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H.Bloom flower designs featuring chrysanthemums, called Purple Garden Mix, Hazelnut, Coppertone, and Pumpkin Spice.

Dahlias, sunflowers, and chrysanthemums are classic autumn blooms that will always have a place in our hearts. For fall flowers, you can’t have varietals any more timeless and meaningful than these favorites. Whether you want to bring joy to someone’s life or brighten up your own space to complement your fall decor, these 3 flowers will do just the trick. Setup your custom Home Subscription with H.Bloom today and experience the delight of new fall flowers every week or once a month. 

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September 15, 2022 — Dana Massie