It’s the 2nd most wonderful time of year behind the holiday season: Fashion Week season. Each Fashion Week, we anxiously await new emerging trends for the next couple seasons. “Why?” you ask. After all, here at H.Bloom we are all about flowers, not fashion… But flower trends are a fashion, and Fashion Week introduces trends that trickle down to goods other than clothing - including flowers. So we’ve compiled a list of our favorite NYFW Summer/Spring 2023 trends and how we anticipate they will translate to the flower world. Don’t you want to feature the most modern and fresh floral designs in all of your important spaces? Let’s start: 

1. Fringe for Days

NYFW Spring/Summer 2023 Trend: Fringe.

We all know that Western boots have been a huge trend for this summer and fall - some would even argue it’s been a trend for a couple of years. All we know if that fringe is giving more Western vibes and we’re here for it. Plus, it has a boho appeal and offers gorgeous movement. 

Flowers aren’t fringe, obviously. But we think that the fringe trend will translate to long, draping florals with elegant and whimsical lines. Think wisteria, amaranthus, or similar like in our Farmhouse arrangement

A unique floral arrangement featuring sunflowers and amaranthus, called Farmhouse by H.Bloom.



2. (Subtle) Neons

NYFW Spring/Summer 2023 Trend: Bright Colors & Neons.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the brightest of them all? We’d definitely have to say neon. This attention-grabbing trend focused on greens, pinks, blues, and oranges. But think of this trend as the older, more mature sister to our typical neons - less highlighter and more retro.

Of course flowers are always blooming with color, but we have recently come to love neutral colors and pinks when it comes to arrangements. The neon trend shows that your clothing (and perhaps your flowers) should really show off your vibrant personality. So we can’t wait for the brightest floral arrangements put on display as a form of expression. Don’t wait until spring, get started with one of our Bright Designer’s Choice arrangements: Bright Grand Designer’s Choice, Bright Luxe Designer’s Choice, and Bright Signature Designer’s Choice.

Brightly colored floral arrangements of various sizes, called the Designer's Choice arrangements by H.Bloom.



3. Opulence Extraordinaire

NYFW Spring/Summer 2023 Trend: Opulence and Metallics.

This trend is unexpected. While we typically associate opulence and metallics with winter, many designers integrated these with spring and summer. Are we now dying to try out metallics in spring? Yes! And this trend has been updated to be a little more *skin-baring* to reflect warmer temps in spring. We’re all about adding a little glitz and glam to some days filled with spring showers. 

There aren’t metallic flowers, but there definitely are opulent arrangements, and we here at H.Bloom specialize in them. Picture this trend translating to more of a grandeur aesthetic. These floral arrangements will be the center of attention and the conversation starter. They will be the extravagant floral arrangements of your dreams. For reference, take a look at our Platinum, Dazzling Diamond and Gorgeous Garnet arrangements.

Opulent and extravagant floral arrangements called Platinum, Dazzling Diamond, and Gorgeous Garnet by H.Bloom.



4. Romantic Florals (No surprise here!)

NYFW Spring/Summer 2023 Trend: Romantic Florals

It’s really hard for us to not automatically say that romantic florals are our favorite trend from NYFW Spring/Summer 2023. But we can still insist that it is still up there on our favorite trends list. Seriously, just look how pretty this trend is. Of course floral patterns are usually a spring trend, but we love that the emphasis is on the romantic and whimsical effect of the pattern, rather than a boho or preppy aesthetic. 

So what is the most romantic flower? Roses are a classic. But other romantic flowers include peonies, ranunculus, anemone, and orchids. Just imagine these flowers sitting pretty in a vase, and giving your whole home a romantic appeal. After all, TikTok and Instagram have taught us that we need to romanticize our lives. Try our Ranunculus en Vogue, Forever Love, or Rosé arrangements to do just that.

Romantic and whimsical floral arrangements from H.Bloom called Ranunculus en Vogue, Forever Love, and Rosé.



5. Bubble Hems

NYFW Spring/Summer 2023 Trend: Bubble Hems.

The bubble hem. Need we say more? We will anyway, but this trend is enticing without any explanation needed. It’s that extra volume we’ve been looking for, but isn’t over-the-top. Plus, think about how fun they are when they bounce against you as you move. It’s youthful, light-hearted, but show-stopping all at once.

We’re thinking this trend will make its way into the flower world with perfectly rounded bouquets, specifically featuring hydrangeas (they’re going to be more popular than they already are). Here’s a couple examples of what we’re talking about in our Pink Berry, Queen Bee, and Vanilla arrangements. 

Floral bubble arrangements with hydrangeas by H.Bloom.



6. Flounce and Bounce

NYFW Spring/Summer 2023 Trend: Bouncy Ruffles.

It’s that ruffle kind of love. And we love ruffles at H.Bloom. They are quintessentially representations of flower petals. So imagine our excitement when we saw this new take on the beloved classic. Whether it’s sleeves, or the skirt, or a neckline - there’s something so delicate about ruffles, just like flowers.

We already said that ruffles are like flowers. But some flowers are more ruffle-y than others, and they are soooo feminine and delicate. Just look at these ruffle-inspired floral arrangements. It’s way too easy to fall in love with our Pink Ruffles, Crazy Love, and Watermelon arrangements.

Pink ruffle floral arrangements by H.Bloom, called Pink Ruffles, Crazy Love, and Watermelon.



7. Translucent Appeal

NYFW Spring/Summer 2023 Trend: Translucent Fabric.

There’s something so sexy and alluring about translucent fabrics. Is it because it makes you feel like an ethereal angel? Or maybe that it becomes an extension of your body? Either way, this trend allows an opportunity to bare a little more skin as the weather warms. Bonus points if the translucent fabric you don is a floral lace.

Something we love about this trend is that it produces the illusion of a gradient. Where the fabric overlaps with itself, the color becomes darker than the single layer of fabric. This is why we think this trend will translate to the floral world by popularizing gradient flowers. We’ll show you what we mean with our Monarch, Whimsy, and Glowing Gerbera arrangements. See how the flower is either darker or lighter in the middle then it changes pigmentation? These specific roses are called Freedom roses. How dreamy… we’re in love!

Gradient color floral arrangements by H.Bloom, called Monarch, Whimsy, and Glowing Gerberra.


Which trend is your favorite? We can’t wait to see these trends take over flower arrangements. Honestly, we’re all about any new flower trend, since flowers have our heart.

Spot a different trend at NYFW Spring/Summer 2023 that you love? Take a look at all of our products to see if any of them embody that trend. Or if you want to keep up with the latest flower trends year-round, follow our Instagram or TikTok accounts. But if you want to have the latest flower trends in your own home, we highly recommend a floral home subscription - that way you can let us do all of the trend forecasting work for you. Plus you get them hand-delivered to your home. What would make you feel more special than that?


September 21, 2022 — Dana Massie