It’s been two years since the start of the pandemic, and - even though we are starting to see a return to what we considered normal pre-pandemic - many of us have grown accustomed to working remotely or even simply re-prioritized spending more time with family and friends rather than their laptop, numbers, and deadlines. More time is being spent in the home, especially for those that no longer go into the office. So of course it's become more of an importance to make your home space an extension of yourself and expression of your personality, but even more so to refocus your energy into engaging in self-care. Think about it: you wake up, leave your bedroom, walk to your desk, work, then shut your laptop at the end of the work day, leaving it on the desk to stare at you the rest of the night. Or you wake up, leave for the office, work, and when you go home for the night you still see those inevitable work emails pop up on your phone screen. There’s no escape. And although this paradigm shift in work-life co-existence has enabled many people to joyfully take advantage of a more flexible schedule, the lines between work and life seem more blurred. 

So how can we take the time to carve out spaces for ourselves - in both the day and the home? Let’s decorate our homes to suit our lifestyles, needs, and personalities. Thankfully, Vogue has revealed the current top interior design trends that allows us insight and inspiration as we approach this form of self-care. But we’ve taken the liberty to extend selection with floral trends that can be incorporated into each - after all, flowers are a mood-booster, stress-reducer, creativity-increaser, and so much more… sounds like a multi-faceted item of self-care to us. 

Let’s see the top interior design trends as reported by Vogue.

1. “Shades of Brown.”

Image of bedroom featuring shades of brown.


Any and all shades of brown are making a comeback - chocolate, caramel, buff, creams, burnt amber, etc. These shades are calming, but also rich and warm. It sounds like our perfect combo. As far as incorporating floristry into this interior design trend, we look to plants. One of the reasons that the shades of brown are the perfect combination of ease and warmth is the connection to earth and nature - it makes us feel grounded. So what better way to further connect with the core of nature than incorporating greenery, such as our Potted Pothos plant, Elephant’s Ear Potted Plant, or even our Succulent Dish as a small accent?


Image featuring a variety of plants.


2. “Elevated Outdoor Furniture.”

Outdoor design to make your space feel elevated.


As we previously mentioned, a lot more time is being spent at home. And for those who work from home, a separation between work and personal life needs to be made in order to maintain mental health. Maximizing the area of your outdoor space is ideal for feeling less confined as you work and live in the same space. While outdoor living already typically incorporates plants, flowers, nature, and more, what will make this space feel more elevated than just a couple of patio chairs is displaying thoughtful floral arrangements in a few places. It’s decor that blends with nature but feels more purposeful than the trees lining yours and your neighbors yards. After all, self-care is all about intention. For bonus points, look for floral arrangements that have a more ‘English Garden’ aesthetic, to really tiptoe on that desirable line between ‘I’m trying’ and ‘I’m not trying too hard.’ Because let’s face it - your mental energy can go to so many other things and enjoying flowers is supposed to be a stress-reliever, not a stress-inducer. Here are a couple suggestions so you don’t even have to worry yourself about choosing one: Pastel Whispers, Glow, and Crazy Love.


An image featuring arrangements of an English Garden and Wildflower aesthetic.


3. “A More Modern Grandmillenial.”

A living space combining a modern and vintage aesthetic.


Unsurprisingly Vogue reported a trend centered on embracing floral prints, focusing on a mix of modern and vintage aesthetic. Think that cool girl that goes thrifting every weekend and always find the coolest décor additions for her home. The most enticing part of this design trend is that it is the perfect mix of contemporary, glamor, and softness. So why not capitalize on this cool girl trend and invite an ultra-feminine but delicate White Double-Stem Orchid into your home? Or continue to showcase your uniqueness with an arrangement featuring a more exoctic flower, like our Modern Moss or Indigo arrangements. 


An image of exotic and unique botanicals.


Can’t you just imagine yourself prioritizing your own time and comfort in a newly designed space? It’s time to re-set those work-life boundaries, re-tune your mental health, and create a space that makes you happy. Don’t feel like you ever have to compromise your mental health and energy, when small tweaks to your lifestyle - like re-designing a space, displaying flowers, or taking care of a plant - can bring you the peace of mind you’ve both needed and been looking for. 


Maybe not ready to fully re-design a space? Or need more time to decide on an aesthetic? There’s no need to wait on self-care. Order yourself an arrangement, and see your mood instantly shift, your sleep improve, your creativity reinvigorated. And after those flowers live their life, you can feel that boost all over again by choosing an entirely new floral design. Discover all of our arrangements to determine which one is the best choice for your own personal mental health this week. And if you don’t want to worry yourself with the task of choosing an arrangement, consider a floral subscription, where our expert florists will create a special design specific to your style and on your cadence preference. You’ll feel even more pampered when each one shows up already perfectly arranged in a vase on your doorstep.


Really looking for more of a plant oasis in your home? We have various sizes and types of plants available to order, so you can find the perfect one for your space.


October 27, 2022 — Dana Massie