Here, at H.Bloom, we love flowers - it’s pretty obvious. But let us key you in to why we are so obsessed… First, flowers are scientifically proven to improve mood, and reduce stress or anxiety. Second, they promote creativity. Third, they are a natural air-freshener. Fourth, there is an emotion and sense of thoughtfulness attached to them, especially when they are given as a gift. Honestly, we could easily go on with more reasons we can’t get enough of flowers. But we feel it's important to touch on what makes our floral arrangements unique - more than just because of all the love we pour into them.

We pride ourselves on being a luxury floral service. So what makes us luxury? Why are our floral arrangements so special? Let’s explore that together:


1. Presentation.

Not only do we ensure the arrangement itself is beautiful, but we place emphasis on the vase, as well. We understand that you want a quality vase that is gorgeous, sleek, and modern - perfect to be able to reuse no matter the occasion. What’s more, our flower arrangements are perfectly designed to fit the vase, meaning that our arrangements are delivered ready-to-place (think the floral version of fashion’s ‘ready-to-wear’). Each arrangement is expertly designed by a skilled floral designer as if you were purchasing the flowers in-store from a florist. Once it’s delivered straight to you, all you need to do is set it down in that perfect spot you’ve been eyeing. As if that isn’t already enticing, many of our arrangements are designed with a leaf-wrap - a special way to present an arrangement in which leaves are carefully wrapped around the inside of the vase to hide stems and water from eyesight. It’s a fun way to offer an elevated finish. 

Just take a look at the leaf wraps and vases on these arrangements… Platinum, Alluring Aquamarine, and V.I.P are all arrangements with pristine presentation.

H.Bloom Floral Arrangements with gorgeous presentation, called Platinum, Alluring Aquamarine, and V.I.P.


2. Unique Designs & Premium Flowers.

We are home to expert florists with keen eyes and unique styling skills. It’s what makes our designs so striking and original. Each flower arrangement that we offer on our webshop is unique to H.Bloom. And we love to play with how we display our flowers, constantly offering new designs with unexpected presentation. And making our design even more unique is our use of premium flowers that elevate an arrangement. Some premium blooms that we especially love working with include proteas, anthurium, calla lilies, dahlias, ranunculus, peonies, orchids, garden roses, fringe tipped tulips, sweet pea, hydrangea, amaryllis, and more. There’s a reason that these flowers are so deluxe - not only are they lavish and beautiful to look at, but they’re harder to get your hands on, too. 

Need some visualization of the unique & premium qualities we’re talking about? Opal SunriseMoxie, and The Lion are perfect examples. 

Unique flower arrangements by H.Bloom, called Opal Sunrise, Moxie, and The Lion.


3. Personalization & Hand-Delivery.

Flowers are such a classic gift - whether it be a thank you gift, a first date, Mother’s Day, someone’s birthday, or a get-better-soon offering. But something that makes a gift really stand out and have that special factor for the receiver is the thought behind the gift. Each gift should have a personal touch - to let the recipient know what they mean to you. That’s why our floral arrangements come with the option to include a personalized gift message. And to make it feel even more special, each arrangement is hand-delivered to your door by an elite local florist). Whether you’re ordering for yourself or for someone you love, this is the special treatment that makes a difference.

These pics are the perfect showcase of that. Who wouldn’t want a floral arrangement delivered right to their door with a special note? Take your pick of any of our arrangements for this V.I.P treatment.

Luxury floral arrangements that are hand-delivered to your door, only from H.Bloom.


Of course we have offerings other than floral arrangements, too. Maybe plants are more your fancy? Or indulge in a sweet treat like macarons and browse our other gift offerings

H.Bloom was created as an answer to the everlasting desire for that romantic lifestyle we all dream of - where every day could be Valentine’s Day. Your new luxury flower and plant service allows you to adopt that lifestyle with just a few clicks of a button. So why H.Bloom? You tell us.


November 09, 2022 — Dana Massie