We have all been waiting for the new season to arrive and it’s finally here! We can finally say goodbye to those cold, long winter days and hello to the beauty of springtime. There are so many things to look forward to in spring but especially, the flowers. With the new season comes warmer weather and brighter blooms. That’s why we’re so excited to bloom into the season with the launch of our luxury Spring Fling collection and flower guide!

One of the greatest perks about the spring season is the return of some of our favorite blooms. That’s right...tulips are officially back! Although tulips are technically a perennial flower, meaning they are expected to return and bloom every year, most people treat them as an annual flower and plant new bulbs each fall to make sure they get the best outcome come springtime. With over 150 different species and its popularity dating all the way back to the sixteenth century, we know flower lovers around the world are rejoicing at their return. 


Are you as excited as we are? No shock there, tulips are the third most popular flowers right behind roses and chrysanthemums. Tulips have been popular since taking off in Holland and creating what they called the “tulip mania”. At one point during that time a tulip cost more than the average person's salary. Luckily today  they’re readily available and come in almost every color you can imagine. We’re eager to see how our designers will incorporate tulips into our luxury flower arrangements this spring! If you can’t wait any longer make sure to check out our Purple Fringe arrangement that uses exotic purple fringe tulips to create modern, elegant design.

Even though our luxury Purple Fringe arrangement is a great choice from our Spring Fling collection we have to admit our Splendor arrangement is our designers seasonal pick!  A beautiful modern mix of pink lisianthus, white ranunculus and purple thistle with touches of modern greenery and wildflower fillers. It’s the perfect choice to uplift your space for the new season. From your dining room table centerpiece to a fresh addition to your living room coffee table, this arrangement is the best choice for your spring flower decor. 


We can luckily always rely on our nationwide corporate team to provide the finest flower inspiration and decor tips for the new season. From Los Angeles to New York, spring opens the door for exciting new opportunities and allows us to help our clients create a fresh new look for their space. Our San Francisco team is working with new commercial and residential buildings to design custom arrangements, while our New York team got a chance to work with our clients at Peloton to provide arrangements for their new Hudson Yards Studio! This is only the beginning and we hope you keep up with H.Bloom to see all the wonderful new nationwide updates we have for you.


We’ve been looking for the best way to express our excitement for the new season and this quote by Tracy Mcmilan says it best, "Spring: A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be". It’s a time for new beginnings and our Spring Flower Guide is the perfect place to start! So hello springtime, we’re ready for you.

March 18, 2020 — Lea Horwitz