Spring is the season of renewal; the days get longer, the weather gets warmer, and the flowers start to bloom. We know it may feel hard right now to enjoy all the beauty of springtime but don’t worry we’ve found a solution. Start arranging your own flower designs and bring spring indoors! 

Flowers help create a sense of tranquility. They uplift the mood in any space by adding a touch of color and design. At H.Bloom we believe flowers are living art and show that through delivering beautiful installations to businesses and individuals across the country. From gorgeous flower carts for Louis Vuitton to custom installations for our clients at LPQ, each season comes with a new chance to embrace the wonderful effects of flowers. There’s no time better than now to bring that same energy into your home. 

 Flowers are not only a thing of beauty but also have a ton of therapeutic benefits. They reduce stress, boost your mood, and can even help you get more sleep. Flowers have the innate power to make people feel good; rejuvenating feelings of joy, love, and self-worth. By arranging your own spring blooms you’ll get to experience those powerful positive effects up close and personal while also gaining a new skill in the process! 

Arrange Your Own Flowers March 25

H.Bloom designer, Hannah D'Ottavio, gives a detailed tutorial on how to work with the flowers in H.Bloom's Arrange Your Own collection. Varietals in the Marc...

 With our A.Y.O bundle arrangement and spring blooms video tutorial above, we have everything you need to get started on your own floral designs. This is your chance to learn from some of our top past designers with years of experience. The most important step is to first get your flowers but once you’re ready to jump in you’ll need a few more supplies:

1. Scissors - florist shears work best.

2. Vase - choose the best way to display your flowers.

3. Water - keep your flowers fresh.

Whether you're looking to create new designs with the whole family or to just get creative in your free time. Do we have to say anything else to prove flowers are the best way to celebrate spring right now? Right now it’s important to focus on the good and find ways to bring happiness into our lives and homes, we’re here to help with that. Start today and check out our webshop, for a limited time only get free delivery on any order with code SPREADLOVE. 

March 26, 2020 — Lea Horwitz