Spring showers bring May flowers, and we know the perfect spring blooms! We are bringing you our H. Bloom Spring Flower Guide, so you know the perfect blooms to look out for this season. Our spring flower picks for this season consist of Tulips, Peonies (keep a lookout for our peony party collection coming this May), Ranunculus and Hyacinths. We've included some need-to-know facts, an up-close visual of each bloom and some of our favorite arrangements.

Our first pick for our Spring Flower Guide is the ever-beloved classic tulips. The best part about tulips? They come in almost every color you could imagine. These almost perfectly symmetrical buds will continue to grow even after you cut them. Tulips will also always grow toward the light even in a vase, so make sure you put them in the perfect spot with a lot of light! Remember, tulips also like cooler weather so putting them in cool water is the perfect way to make them last. Check out some of our favorite tulip designs below, our Purple Fringe arrangement being one of them!  

May is almost here and that means so is our peony party and we are here to tell you all one of our favorite flowers! Peonies come in all the perfect pastel spring colors expect blue. Need your peonies to bloom a bit faster for your big spring day? Place them in warm water to get them to bloom a little bit faster! Not quite ready for them to bloom yet? Gently wrap them in paper and place them in a dry spot in the refrigerator. For more tips on keeping peonies in their prime, take a peek at House Beautiful's peony care article. Check out a preview of one of our favorite arrangements from our luxury Peony Party collection, Modern Peony.

Our sweetest pick with the softest scent is, of course, ranunculus! Ranunculus are freshest when the petals are cupping the middle portion of the flower and the flower petals are still folded slightly inward. To keep your ranunculus extra fresh, be sure to remove all excess foliage below the waterline. From wedding flowers to everyday flowers ranunculus are the perfect fit. Need some spring floral in your home? Check out our Ranunculus en Vogue arrangement.

Our last, but of course not least, our fourth spring flower pick is hyacinth! They often supply a lovely aroma to any arrangement. Hyacinth comes in a multitude of colors that all have a different meaning. Be sure not to pack hyacinth in to close in the vase so each beautiful bloom as room to grow!  Some of the best ways to arrange hyacinth are with tulips and ranunculus! Ready for an all hyacinth arrangement? Take a look at our Le Parfume

With spring finally here, we are so excited about fresh luxury blooms and warm weather! We couldn’t be more excited about this year’s Spring Flower Guide picks. We can’t wait to start seeing more tulips, peonies, ranunculus, and hyacinth. We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during this time!

March 31, 2020 — Emily Arnold