It’s the happiest time of the year - and not just because it’s the holiday season… It’s finally time to try out the newest winter home decor trends. Okay, we might not be in the business of interior design, but we are in the business of florals. And florals play a huge part in interior design. So we can’t help but get excited over the latest and greatest trends. Let’s get into it - here are the top winter decor trends of 2022:


1. Everything Earthy.

Earthy table decor featuring luxury flowers by H.Bloom.


Remember when the winter trend was all about everything white? Well this trend feels more organic and grounded. Think lots of pine, magnolia and other greenery for some oh-so-magical foliage accents. And add some spice-like colors like cinnamon, paprika, and nutmeg. It’s that interior decor that makes you feel warm and cozy - not only on the outside, but on the inside, too. And what better time to be warm and cozy than when it’s cold outside?

Our favorite arrangements that embody this trend? Let us actually start with our new Frosted Event Trio, featuring 1 Sugar Plum arrangement, and 2 Après arrangements. This trio is earthy, spicy, and festive, without being over-the-top.

A soft and airy wintertime holiday floral arrangement trio perfect for holiday parties, called the Frosted Event Trio by H.Bloom.

Some other products we also love for this trend? Our Yule Log arrangement, and the Fresh Bunches Garland.

A festive floral arrangement perfect for Christmas-themed gatherings, plus a magnolia leaf garland, from H.Bloom.


2. Mixed Textures.

A tablescape featuring mixed materials and textures, featuring premium floral arrangement from H.Bloom.


This winter interior design trend is a classic, but for good reason. When wool meets leather, and chenille meets boucle, this combination of different textures not only adds interest but the sense of layers just increases the aspect of comfort in the space. It also works with wood and metal. When textures are the same, it equates to the design version of a what a monotone voice is - it’s not as welcoming or fun. And your winter decor deserves to be welcoming and fun. 

Mixed textures also translate to floral arrangements. Forever Love features a mix of flower varieties that keep the eye interested, like thistle, anemones, and other premium blooms. Placing this arrangement on your dining table invites guests to sit together and enjoy their food with you. Similarly-textured arrangements are Whimsy and Cotton Candy. Just look how charming these are!

Whimsical floral arrangements with multiple varietal flowers and different floral textures, by H.Bloom.


3. Moody Romanticism.

A moody and romantic tablescape featuring deep red colors, and a rustic garland lining the table.


What do you imagine when you think about romance? Is it dimmed rooms, candlelight, rich textures, and cozy smells? It is for us, too. Of course, the holiday and winter season already lends itself to candlelight and rich textures, but in 2022 we’re making it a bit moodier - and yes, it’s possible. Color-wise, we’re talking deep reds and greens, and other dark hues. Add in some black, dim the lights even lower, and add even more candles. Everything is already so dark in winter, so why not take advantage of it and make it romantic? Really, you’re just playing up your environment. 

Speaking of romance, flowers are obviously an essential. After all, what gift is more guaranteed on Valentine’s Day than flowers? But again, we’re leaning into the moody side of flowers to meet this trend where it is. Let us declare that these arrangements are the perfect match for this trend: Love Lane, Red Panther, and Gorgeous Garnet.

Deep red floral arrangements that adhere to the moody romanticism trend, by H.Bloom.


4. Blue.

A winter table with blue candles and a lit fireplace.


Now this is an interesting trend. When we think about decorating for winter and the holidays, we typically think about warm colors to contrast the weather outside. But blue seems to be taking off this year - perhaps it’s because it’s a variation of the Pantone color of the year, Vary Peri? Regardless of the why, we are loving this trend because although blue is a cool-toned color, it can still feel warm and inviting, especially if it’s the color of materials such as velvet or cotton knitwear. A deep blue is particularly calming, which is more than welcome during this time of year when there seems to be less down-time. 

So let’s move on to the floral match of this trend. Some of the most beautiful and luxe flowers can be found in shades of blue. We’re talking about blue thistle, anemone, protea, orchids, and hydrangeas. Which means that we offer arrangements featuring blue florals. We specifically want to spotlight Ice Queen, Stunning Sapphire, and Indigo. Plus, our new December birthstone arrangement, Timeless Tanzanite.

Blue and indigo floral arrangements with premium flowers, by H.Bloom.

Aren’t this winter’s decor trends surprising and alluring? We are absolutely in love and you’ll find our entire team trying out these interior design styles this winter. When you decorate your home for the winter season (minus the holiday decor), you should refer to this interior design trend guide for some inspo. Of course, if you’re a little more traditional, we can’t blame you. If that’s the case, you can shop some of our fan favorite floral arrangements that would perfectly complement your decor. Or if you want to try an entirely different interior design style not mentioned here, feel free to browse all of our floral arrangements to find the one that matches your vision.

And don’t forget - sweet treats are a big part of the winter season, too. If you like to put sweets out for guests to enjoy, then they automatically become a part of your winter decor. We have some delectable options for you to choose from.

No matter what your winter decor style is, we love that we get to share this season with you. Stay safe and stay warm, and make sure you’re treating yourself as much as you're treating others during the holidays.

November 23, 2022 — Dana Massie