Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the moms in our lives - although, we’d like to reframe who we think of as mothers. Of course we want to celebrate the women that have brought us into this world, but just as important are the women who help shape our world. So this Mother’s Day is for the strong females we love, who nurture our lives and bring us joy; it’s for the sisters, best friends, pet parents, aunts, mother figures, daughters, plant moms, and every other kind of ‘mom.’

Let’s celebrate what we love about these women. What better way to do that than giving them something that represents their role in our lives - a beautiful flower that brightens everything around it. And if you want to be even more poetic, we can also look at it like this: these mother figures are nurturing, just like water to a flower. So a bloomed flower is exactly what they have helped us become. Maybe that’s why a floral arrangement is the most popular gift for Mother’s Day.

But how can we pick the perfect flower arrangement to give these moms? A good place to start is by looking at the most popular flowers and the meaning of those flowers:

1. Peonies

Peonies are not only a popular flower for a Mother’s Day arrangement, but also a meaningful flower. Peonies are often associated with prosperity, good fortune, and a happy marriage - basically if you want to send your mother good wishes, peonies are the best choice in a floral arrangement. 

But peonies also have a sweet fragrance and wide range of colors, which makes them a versatile option for Mother’s Day bouquets. Further, they have a long blooming period and are relatively low-maintenance, so they can provide a lasting reminder of a mother’s love and support long after Mother’s Day has passed.

Petite Peony by H.Bloom is an all-peony luxury floral arrangement.

Feel as pretty as a peony with this all-peony arrangement, Petite Peony by H.Bloom.


2. Tulips

A tulip arrangement is a great Mother’s Day gift because they represent love and forgiveness, which is perfect because mother’s are so forgiving and shower us in unconditional love.

Tulips are also available in both pastel and vibrant colors, allowing you to choose a floral design that reflects your recipient’s personality and preferences. Both a classic and elegant choice, tulips are a timeless flower option for any Mother’s Day arrangement.

A springtime floral design featuring tulips, peonies, and roses, called Honey Bee by H.Bloom.

Indulge in Spring with this bright Honey Bee arrangement from H.Bloom.


3. Orchids

Orchids are a fun and beautiful gift for Mother’s Day because they can be given as a plant or as part of a larger flower arrangement. They symbolize love, beauty, and strength - which is the perfect descriptors of the women we look up to. Orchids also represent luxury, and who doesn’t deserve a little luxury?

Appearance-wise, orchids are both graceful and exotic, but also enduring. And with an orchid option in almost every color, this is a flower that will absolutely make an elegant and unique gift for Mother’s Day.

            Freshy by H.Bloom is a white rose and green orchid arrangement.

Give this unique green orchid arrangement, called Freshy by H.Bloom.


4. Lilies

It seems like so many moms love lilies… and it could be because lilies symbolize purity, beauty, and motherhood. They are fragrant and elegant, and also come in a multitude of varieties and colors - our favorite varietal being the calla lily.

Lilies have a long-lasting bloom period, which not only makes them practical but also an enduring gift to represent your enduring appreciation for this strong woman in your life.

Glow by H.Bloom is a pastel yellow and peach floral design with orchids and calla lilies.

Glow by H.Bloom is the prettiest pastel arrangement with peach-colored calla lilies.


5. Roses

Roses are typically regarded as a romantic symbol, but roses simply represent love, appreciation, and gratitude. This makes them a fitting tribute to mothers or other strong women that we love and appreciate.

Universally loved, roses are elegant and can also offer additional meanings based on their various colors. And a variety of color options also means that you can choose a floral design that reflects the recipient’s individual taste and personality. A rose arrangement is also a popular Mother’s Day choice because of how hearty roses are.

A blush and pink rose floral arrangement with accented greenery, called Dusty Rose by H.Bloom.

Send Dusty Rose to someone who loves pink roses.



There is a reason that peonies, tulips, orchids, lilies, and roses are all popular choices for a thoughtful gift for mom. And what better way to complement an arrangement with these florals than a box of pretty macarons? Try this one that has notes of rose and lavender in the flavors. 

Looking for something more custom than what our webshop offers? We specialize in national corporate gifting so that you can send personalized and cohesive arrangements to the women you want to celebrate nationwide. We help create a custom experience for the mothers you cherish most dearly; whether that includes branded stationary or curated designs that are one-of-a-kind. 

Although, if you’re looking to send a single gift and these flowers aren’t your or your recipient’s favorite, there are plenty of other flower designs to choose from. 

For a gift that lasts longer, and is still perfect for floral enthusiasts, a floral home subscription could be the perfect option. Just choose a color palette, size, and delivery cadence, then let your recipient enjoy flowers on repeat.

For some other unique and thoughtful gift ideas for Mother’s Day - that aren’t a bouquet or arrangement - we have premium curated gifts or plants that are also great options.

But whatever you decide to give for Mother’s Day, it is going to be the perfect gift because it comes from you. The strong women being celebrated on Mother’s Day are going to love it because it shows how much you love and appreciate them.

April 12, 2023 — Dana Massie