Flowers can be a wonderful way to express your feelings for someone special. Whether it's 'get well soon,' 'I love you,' or 'you're my best friend,' different flowers can mean different things. Flowers are one of the most beautiful ways to express your feelings, and roses - in particular - are especially meaningful.

H.Bloom’s Flower Glossary will introduce you to the significance of different types of flowers so that you can choose a floral arrangement that is as unique as the person receiving it. 

In this blog post, we are focusing on the different meanings of roses based on their color - just in time for Valentine’s Day! Roses are usually seen as one of the most romantic flowers which makes them the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers. But what is it that you want to say to your Valentine? Use this guide to determine which color roses you want included in your flower arrangement, whether your Valentine is your S.O., your mother, your daughter, your BFF, or even yourself.


1. Red Rose

The Red rose is typically gifted at Valentine’s Day - and for good reason. Red roses symbolize love, desire, and passion, so it’s perfect for your significant other.

A red rose and pink orchid floral arrangement called Modern Romance, by H.Bloom.
Indulge in the Modern Romance flower arrangement with red roses and pink orchids.


2. Pink Rose

Pink roses also represent love, but they more so represent happiness, grace, and gentleness. Pink roses would be perfect for any motherly or figures or nurturing person in your life.

The Big Love modern floral arrangement with deluxe pink and blush roses, by H.Bloom.
Send the Big Love modern pink rose floral arrangement to someone you adore.


3. Yellow Rose

In general, yellow flowers tend to represent happiness. And if given to a cherished friend, yellow roses can mean warmth and affection. Finally, they are also used to signify remembrance, which is why we use the yellow rose to honor Black History Month and 9/11.

A yellow rose flower arrangement by H.Bloom, called Butterscotch.
Give the yellow rose flower arrangement, Butterscotch, to a dear friend.


4. White Rose

The white rose is so popular because it can be given for almost any occasion. This is because white roses represent new beginnings - whether that be marriage, a newborn baby, a new relationship, or a new stage of life. They also symbolize innocence, heavenly, and purity.


A dreamy tall floral arrangement with white roses and soft greenery, called Clouds by H.Bloom.
Display this tall dreamy white rose flower arrangement, Clouds, in your home.


5. Coral Rose

The coloring of the coral rose makes it seem so inviting. So it’s fitting that the coral rose symbolizes friendship and sympathy. It would be the perfect rose to give to your BFF or Galentine.

A coral rose luxury floral design, called Coral Crush by H.Bloom.
Order this modern luxury floral arrangement with coral roses, called Coral Crush.


6. Purple Rose

Success, honor, achievement, and wisdom. That's what the purple rose represents. We especially like the wisdom part - maybe if we display purple roses in our home all the time, we can soak in their symbolism and continually increase our intelligence.

A unique purple rose floral arrangement called Violette by H.Bloom.


Become the wisest person by ordering this contemporary purple rose floral arrangement, Violette.

Of course there are always more flowers to explore and learn the meanings of, but this rose edition of our Flower Glossary highlights one of the most popular and romantic flowers, so you can understand what color rose you want to gift this season. Still looking for the perfect arrangement to send (or buy for yourself)? Explore our best-selling floral arrangements and choose one that speaks to you! 

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