Flowers are the perfect way to communicate your feelings. Whether you want to send a special message, or just let someone know you're thinking of them, flowers have a way of conveying exactly what you're trying to say.

The best part about sending flowers is that there's no wrong way to do it. Whether it's 'get well soon,' 'I love you,' or 'you're my best friend,' different flowers can mean different things. And tulips are one of the most beautiful flowers. They're vibrant and full of life, just like spring… perfect for celebrating this beautiful weather.

H.Bloom’s Flower Glossary will introduce you to the significance of different types of flowers so that you can choose a floral arrangement that is as unique as the person receiving it. 

In this blog post, we are focusing on the different meanings of tulips so you can decide which color tulips you want included in your springtime flower arrangement.


1. Yellow Tulip

It's intuitive, yellow flowers tend to represent happiness since yellow is considered such a happy color. And that’s exactly what the yellow tulip symbolizes.

An all yellow tulip arrangement, called Tulip Temptation by H.Bloom.
Be tempted and indulge in this all-yellow tulip arrangement, Tulip Temptation.
2. Orange Tulip

If you’re looking for a flower that would be meaningful for a friend, then an orange tulip might be perfect. Orange tulips symbolize understanding and appreciation - who wouldn’t want to feel that from someone they care about?

                                                    Dreamsicle by H.Bloom is a vibrant tulip arrangement consisting of various colors.

Daydream about our Dreamsicle arrangement, an all-tulip arrangement in various vibrant colors.



3. Pink Tulip

Pink Tulips tend to represent love, although not necessarily as passionately as a red tulip. The pink tulip could be a great way to depict more of a familial or friendship type of love.

                                            A vibrant flower bouquet featuring tulips and roses in bright spring colors, called Wild Child by H.Bloom.

Treat your inner child with joy and fall in love with the Wild Child bouquet by H.Bloom, a bundle featuring pink tulips and orange roses.



4. White Tulip

Of course, many times flowers are given as an apology. If that’s your intention, then a white tulip might be the perfect chosen flower for your gift. White tulips symbolize forgiveness. And they can also represent respect.

                                              Spearmint by H.Bloom is a fresh luxury floral arrangement with green roses and white tulips.

Take a breath of fresh air with this green rose and white tulip arrangement, called Spearmint by H.Bloom.



5. Red Tulip

Red tulips not only represent passionate love, but they can even be regarded as a declaration of love. This might be the perfect flower if you’re trying to make a statement or tell someone you love them for the first time. It’s also fortunate that tulips generally represent eternal love and devotion - talk about making a statement.

                                                  Vivid Tulip Bouquet by H.Bloom is a flower bundle featuring colorful tulips.

Brighten your day with this Vivid Tulip Bouquet by H.Bloom.


Although there are so many other types of flowers that can help you convey exactly what you want to say to someone, tulips are the best springtime flowers to do just that. We hope this flower guide of tulip meanings helps you determine the perfect floral arrangement to send (or to keep on display for yourself). But if tulips aren’t your favorite, explore our best-selling floral arrangements and choose one that speaks to you! Or visit our blog post about the different meanings of roses based on their colors.

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March 29, 2023 — Dana Massie