It’s Women’s History Month - and we place significance on recognizing the importance of women empowerment on International Women’s Day on March 8th, every day of Women’s History Month, and every other day of the year. So we are proud to be a primarily-female-run business at H.Bloom, and make our own contributions to women’s rights and empowerment. We are continuously inspired by the amazing women that make up our company. We’re leaders, entrepreneurs, friends, collaborators, risk-takers, and dreamers. And, we’re supportive of each other - especially when it comes to our passion for flowers.

Purple is the color of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Purple typically symbolizes loyalty, but it was specifically chosen to represent this month because of its representation of dignity and justice. When women empower each other, we help each other not only fight for justice, but find justice. Purple is our symbol that we are supporting each other as we work toward gender equality. Do you know what else is a symbol of support? Flowers.

One of the reasons we love flowers is that they are a gift of respect and comfort. So imagine the significance of purple flowers as we celebrate and honor the women in our lives. Gifting purple flowers to a woman we admire not only shows that we are empowering them, but also supporting them as they empower themselves. And we have the perfect floral arrangements to send:


1. Purple Garden Mix

Purple Garden Mix by H.Bloom, featuring fresh lavender-colored and dark purple blooms.


2. Violette (Psst… this is our March 2023 Arrangement of the Month! Get 10% off this arrangement in March with code VIOLETTE10)

Violette by H.Bloom is a unique floral design featuring mixed purple flowers.


3. Purple Single-Stem Orchid Plant

Single-Stem Orchid by H.Bloom, featuring the freshest purple orchid.

4. Queen Bee

Queen Bee by H.Bloom is a unique floral arrangement featuring hydrangeas and other florals.


5. Bliss

Bliss by H.Bloom is a lavender-colored floral arrangement with delicate roses.

6. Dallas

Dallas by H.Bloom is a vibrant floral arrangement featuring pink, purple, and peach florals.

7. Perfect Plum

Perfect Plum by H.Bloom is a lovely and unique rose floral arrangement.


8. Platinum

Platinum by H.Bloom is a luxury floral arrangement featuring ombre purple flowers.

Of these floral arrangements, we know we would feel lucky to receive any of them - especially during Women’s History Month. But we also have these other purple floral arrangements to choose from, if one of these doesn't catch your eye. And for more purple inspiration, browse our International Women’s Day Collection. If purple isn’t your color, you can send one of our other luxury floral arrangements to a female you admire - because any flower arrangement is a gift of support and respect.

March 08, 2023 — Dana Massie