Flowers have an incredible ability to convey emotions and sentiments. And different flower varietals can convey different messages. So if you’re looking to give flowers as a gift, you can choose an arrangement that features a flower with the message you are hoping to send. 

H.Bloom’s Flower Glossary will introduce you to the meaning of different flowers so that you can choose the best floral arrangement for your recipient. 

This Flower Glossary post will focus on the variety of meanings that lilies can represent - depending on color and type. Of course you can choose whichever flower you want to be the star of your arrangement. But if you’re looking for a little extra support in choosing the flowers that will best help you say what you want to say, this guide is a great start - especially if you’re interested in lilies. 

1. White Lilies

With most white flowers representing purity, the white lily additionally represents heavenly ideals. That’s probably why it’s so commonly used in sympathy arrangements.

2. Yellow Lilies

Yellow lilies are so bright and happy. So it makes sense that they represent joy. But they also signify friendship and thankfulness. If you want to send someone a ‘thank you’, yellow lilies are the perfect way to do just that.

3. Orange Lilies

Because orange is such a bold color, it stands to reason that orange lilies represent confidence. They also symbolize energy, which might be perfect for someone a little low on sleep…

4. Purple Lilies

Purple is typically regarded as a regal color. And usually royals are admired and seen with dignity. Purple lilies stand for just that - admiration, dignity, and also accomplishment.

5. Pink Lilies

Pink lilies are perfect for maternal figures since they represent admiration, compassion, and femininity. They would be perfect in an arrangement for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Mom’s birthday.

Luxury Floral Arrangements featuring lilies, by H.Bloom.

Sherbert | Happiness | Pink Wildflower


6. Purple Calla Lilies

Looking to win someone’s love? Purple calla lilies represent passion, and charm. So charm someone by sending them an arrangement with purple calla lilies.

7. Yellow Calla Lilies

Think of calla lilies as a higher-end version of lilies. Since yellow calla lilies represent gratitude, it would be perfect to gift an arrangement featuring yellow calla lilies to someone you are truly thankful for.

8. Pink Calla Lilies

Appreciation and admiration: that’s what pink calla lilies symbolize. Send these flowers to someone you respect to let them know how much you appreciate them.

9. White Calla Lilies

White calla lilies represent innocence and purity, and are used in upscale floral arrangements. They can also symbolize grace and elegance.

Fresh Premium Flower Arrangements by H.Bloom with Calla Lilies.

Glow | Bordeaux Nights | Pastel Whispers


A captivating array of flower varieties exist, and each has the power to convey exactly what you want to say. And with summer almost here, it’s the perfect time to indulge in lilies and let this flower do the talking for you. But if lilies aren’t your flower of choice, there are plenty of others to choose from in our best-selling floral arrangements. Or explore the meanings of roses and tulips based on their colors, so you can make an educated decision.

If the type of flower matters less than having fresh flowers constantly present, we highly recommend setting up a floral home subscription so you can indulge in flowers all the time. Just let us know your desired floral aesthetic and the desired frequency of new arrangements.

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June 14, 2023 — Dana Massie